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NL Feels The Squeeze

Popped over to Utrecht for a meeting yesterday. Made an interesting discovery in a Plus supermarket (www.plus.nl). There was a Zumex (www.zumex.com) orange squeezing machine there. Customers put oranges in the machine to produce freshly squeezed 100% juice. Underneath they place 330ml, 500ml or litre PET bottles carrying the Plus logo on the label. The price is 3.49 Euros per litre.

A colleague of mine (dedication as promised Christina) said that a store staff member had told her that around 100 litres is squeezed per day. Now there are over 260 Plus stores open up to six days a week. Assuming a similar throughput in all stores each day, that works out at well over 5 million litres a year!

The concept is a new one in NL, only introduced into Plus in the middle of last year, but think of the contribution to the ailing juice market! And Zumex (from Spain) don’t just supply supermarkets but institutions as well. Freshly squeezed oranges (or tangerines at least) are a massive volume provider in Thailand available on most street corners. Just think of the impact on the packaged juice market if this squeezing idea spreads Europe wide! Meanwhile, what’s happened to Tropicana in NL. It seems to have disappeared off the shelf.

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