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Some Interesting Facts and Myth Breakers

  1. A litre of bottled water in the UK can cost nearly as much as a litre of petrol, yet no one quibbles over its price
  2. A pint of beer cost just 14 pence in 1972 (McEwan’s, Reading University bar)
  3. Baitz cream liqueur preceded Baileys Irish Cream
  4. Brazil consumes more fruit powder drinks than any other country
  5. Coca-Cola allegedly once contained cocaine
  6. Cowboys are more likely to have drunk brandy rather than whiskey
  7. Czech Republic has the highest per capita consumption of beer
  8. Dogs milk is the longest lasting milk, because “no bugger’ll drink it” (Courtesy of Red Dwarf, 1988. Sorry I had to get that one in)
  9. Fosters is not Australia’s favourite beer. It is not even in the top ten brands. Victoria Bitter is the top selling brand but it is not a bitter!
  10. Guinness brewed in Ireland has been officially recognised as tasting the best
  11. Indian whisky is made from molasses and has no closer similarity to Scotch other than the name “whisky”
  12. Instant coffee was invented in 1901
  13. Irn Bru is not made from girders
  14. Jack Daniels is not bourbon
  15. More tea is consumed around the globe than coffee
  16. One in every four litres of carbonated soft drinks consumed in the world is drunk in the USA. To put it another way, on average each American drinks more than 3 litres of soft drinks every week.
  17. Putting a teaspoon in an opened sparkling wine bottle keeps it fizzy for longer (Controversial but it works for me)
  18. Red Bull,  from Austria, was inspired by Krating Daeng in Thailand
  19. Saucer shaped champagne glasses are said to be modelled on the breasts of Marie Antoinette
  20. Scots reportedly drink 25% more alcohol per head of population than individuals south of the border (Courtesy of BBC News)
  21. Sunny Delight once reportedly turned a boy yellow (Courtesy of BBC News Wales, 1999)
  22. The first traced “alcopop”/FAB/RTD was bottled Campari and Soda
  23. Vodka can be distilled from virtually any fermentable ingredient
  24. Whiskey originates from Ireland. Whisky originates from Scotland
  25. 30% of all Benedictine liqueur drunk in Britain is consumed in the Burnley, Accrington and Nelson area of Lancashire (Courtesy of The Independent on Sunday 1994)



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